About Run-Walk Events

Our History

Headquartered in Norco, CA, Run-Walk Events was originally created to host the Race Across the USA. A dozen runners ran a marathon a day (112 in total) from Huntington Beach, CA all the way to the White House in Washington DC four-and-a-half months later (3080 miles). RWE is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation for the public benefit. All of our board members are unpaid volunteers. In addition to the Race Across the USA, we have created other events such as the 100 Mile Endurance Challenge and the Run4Kids 24 Hour Ultramarathon. Altogether, our organization has raised in excess of $76,000 to benefit childhood fitness.

Our Vision

The Mission of Run-Walk Events is to get kids active. We do this two ways. First, we work hard on developing economical fitness events that cater to all age groups including the little ones. Second, 40% of our receipts (after expenses) are donated to a local charity whose focus in childhood health and/or fitness.

Some Fun Facts about Run Walk Fitness Series
Events Held
Total Participants
$ 327.21
Money raised for charity